Snapfile – Rapid smartphone surveying

Snapfile – the new app in our collection – is proving to be a simple but big hit, allowing users snap photos and attributes and readily share and integrate with office databases and systems.  Some uses and interests include bridge surveys, litter checks, playground and other asset monitoring and maintenance.  Coupled with Ubipix for location tagged video, and our various web systems for sharing the captured data with others, snapfile and our other apps are keeping us busy! Watch this space too for major product release news from Snapfile.

Transform your field data collection and processing – to improve productivity, raise efficiency and cut costs.

  • Geotag with pinpoint precision
  • Create, maintain and customise attributes on the fly in minutes.
  • Easily feed data into ESRI ArcGIS or other GIS geodatabases
  • Streamline your workflow

It’s a simple iOS and Android app that allows unlimited deployment, with a desktop tool for easy GIS integration or Word / Pdf report creation. Snap a photo, record attributes, upload, check, share.

For more information see our snapfile webpage and contact us for a trial licence.

For more please contact Gearóid Ó Riain, Managing Director (, or Louis Mullen, survey solutions manager (