Pobal HP Deprivation Index 2016 launched

The latest national “deprivation index”, commissioned by the independent agency Pobal and drawing on 2016’s census data, lays bare the entrenched inequality in Irish society, with disadvantage and advantage remaining stubbornly present in particular geographical areas (Irish Times news report).

Working with Pobal, researchers Trutz Haase and Jonathan Pratschke, who compiled the study, note affluence is highest in the urban peripheries and gradually declining out towards rural areas.  Compass Informatics have been responsible over a number of years with development of an accessible mapping system to present the new-launched Deprivation Index but also its precursors and other related socio-economic data.

Compass have used Geographical Information Systems technology alongside software systems development skills to create the maps.pobal.ie resource, but also work behind the scenes with Pobal to embed maps and spatial analysis into the various social intervention programmes that Pobal operate on behalf of Government. Background detail on the HP Deprivation Index is available from Trutz Haase.

Selected media coverage:

RTÉ National TV NewsRTÉ RadioRTÉ News; The Irish Examiner; Irish Independent.