Added graphs now in PobalMaps

Compass MapView - PobalMaps graphingCompass MapView and the PobalMaps system has recently benefitted from an upgrade to include a data graphing capability.  In a simple step a user clicks on population areas of interest and the data is graphed for those areas – allowing a comparision of data across areas.  The PobalMaps service is available from the frontpage, and is a service that supports a range of community and social cohesion programmes across Ireland as delivered and managed by Pobal.

The technology used is Esri ArcGIS Server and the Compass MapView Silverlight toolkit – which allows us quickly develop very easy to use, interactive, and yet very useful and functional data visualisation services.

The data behind PobalMaps is that provided through Pobal’s own work programmes, the Central Statistics Office, and through work conducted by Trutz Haase and Jonathan Pratschke in development of a Deprivation Index.  For details of the Deprivation Index see

For further information please contact: Andy Day – or Gearóid Ó Riain –