Innovation & Best Practice Award

Innovation & Best Practice Award for Compass from IRLOGI – MapRoad Mobile

At the GIS Ireland 2013 conference, held on 17th October in Dublin, IRLOGI, the national geographic information association for Ireland, awarded its ‘Innovation and Best Practice’ award to Compass Informatics Limited for its Maproad Mobile. This is an android based tablet app developed completely in-house by Compass that allows local authorities the ability to rapidly assess the condition of the road network in their area. It supports 91,500 km of regional and local roads which represents 94% of the overall road network, supporting 34 local authorities who have €400m roads-related central funding per year. MapRoad PMS is an example of technology allowing more to be done with less, freeing up the user to optimise their working day, and allowing decision makers quicker access to data in a  readily accessible format.

The work has been conducted under the Pavement Management System project for the Local Government Management Agency and local authorities with the support of the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport.  Great credit is due to those organisations for being open to and encouraging new approaches – an approach that now is delivering dividends in terms of savings and enhanced management information.

More about what MapRoad Mobile does:

Road surface condition data is captured via the app by driving the road at normal traffic speed and the surveyor (not the driver!) assessing the road using indicators such as edge breakup, shine on the surface, depressions, cracking and other road surface stress indicators to put a value of 1 to 10 against a stretch of road where 10 is the best condition. This data is used to create a baseline situation, while also allowing more strategic planning of road maintenance schedules.

The custom-built app is simple to use for the surveyor, with the complex geoprocessing logic and tools well hidden. These tasks include logic such that a point is dropped every 3 seconds or every 30 meters along the road, and not allowing duplicate ratings on the same section of the road. The GPS point from the tablet app is buffered to find the closest road segment and is then snapped to this chainage point along the road. Upon upload of the data the captured chainage points are further processed to create a linear referenced dataset. All uploaded data is available to roads staff through an online open source web viewer. Every local authority is now using MapRoad Mobile to capture road condition data, with in excess of 25,000 km of data captured to date. The ease of use of the app has been widely commented on, and we now plan to expand the remit of the app to also capture the drainage situation at the side of the road network, capture health and safety issues and to capture speed limit signs.

To view a quick video of the app in action please see this YouTube link, and read about the overall Pavement Management System at

About Compass Informatics:

Compass Informatics creates decision making tools through the use of mapping technologies – coupling GIS, IT, Analytics skills to allow data capture, management, analysis, and sharing across web and mobile platforms.

Products and solutions include map viewers, map & data apps, map & route analysis tools, and sector-specific solutions across transportation, water & wastewater, planning and environment.  Compass also develop management dashboards and workflows which complement the location-focussed approach of the company.

Compass Informatics works largely in the Irish and UK markets and also South Africa.  Solutions help handle everything from 700,000 tonnes of sludge; 91,000km of roads management & €400m spend; enhancement of a tourism industry worth €3.7b; along with management and optimal use of natural, land and property resources; and compliance with EU Directives and national legislation.


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