iGeotec Win a GMES Masters Competition Award with WAMSAPs


The GMES Masters competition solicited innovative product and business ideas for the GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) European Earth observation programme. More than 100 entries from over 20 European countries were submitted to the competition, which was initiated by the European Space Agency (ESA), the German Aerospace Center (DLR), T-Systems, and the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, with the support of the European Commission. The best of the proposals were awarded prizes worth a total of EUR 335,000 on the evening of 25 October.

 iGeotec Among the GMES Masters 2012 Winners

GMES Winners
GMES Masters Winners

Markus Lennartz, Vice President of the Segment EU/International at T-Systems International GmbH, conferred the prize for the T-Systems Cloud Computing Challenge to Dr Tim McCarthy and his team at iGeotec Technologies Ltd. (Ireland) for their project, WAMSAPs

The company has developed a cloud-based platform, Ubipix (www.ubipix.com), which has been upgraded to enable users access a combination of satellite and airborne Earth observation (EO) images in near real-time. Specially designed UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) equipped with cameras and various sensors can supplement the EO data collected by satellites, whenever visibility is unclear, e.g. due to cloud cover. This approach is experiencing increased use, for example in monitoring major events or areas under environmental protection.

Wide Area Monitoring using Spaceborne and Airborne Platforms (WAMSAPs) will enable near real-time mapping and monitoring of natural and man-made environments by integrating remotely sensed data from EO and conventional aerial surveys with sensor streams acquired by recently developed low-altitude aerostats and UAVs. WAMSAPs’ digital platform will enable these dynamic, multi-thematic datastreams to be captured, processed and published as online and mobile geospatial web services for business users and the wider consumer market.

WAMSAPsImagine having a real-time geospatial overview of your city, coastal-bay area or mountain wilderness where unusual events are automatically detected, investigated, classified and disseminated. In a city environment, inhabitants may be interested in near real-time web services relating to pedestrian movement on the High Street, busy public parks, queues for public transportation services, on-street parking availability, municipal maintenance, recreational activity, public entertainment and nightlife hustle, or personalised advisories during a severe weather event.

WAMSAPs is an extension of Ubipix (www.ubipix.com) which, in turn, was developed using iGeotec’s cloud-based, geospatial platform. Ubipix uses geospatial technology enabling geocoded imagery and full-motion video to be captured by SmartPhone devices, then tagged, for uploading and sharing on the web. These geocoded multimedia clips can be integrated with other online geospatial data-streams to deliver a range of new web services and mobile applications. iGeotec has also developed Semasync (patent pending), a novel approach to sychronising multimedia with navigation devices using a non-invasive optical method.

Any user can download the Ubipix App for iPhone or Android devices and start recording, tagging and sharing spatially encoded imagery or video clips. The Ubipix system comprises the SmartPhone App, which enables users to capture, tag and upload multimedia datastreams, and a Client-Server architecture, that supports publishing, discovery and sharing of users’ spatial multimedia content.

Geocoded multimedia clips can be uploaded directly to the Ubipix web site in minutes where the user can share their trips, trails and experiences with their friends, family or the wider world. iGeotec also offer an enterprise solution enabling corporate customers to record, tag and upload their multimedia content to their own secure cloud clusters for a variety of commercial applications. iGeotec are currently working together with national and European agencies on a number of projects in the Transportation, Environment andUtility sector areas.

Compass Informatics are partners with iGeotec in promoting the use of Ubipix in both the personal user and business user markets.

 About iGeotec

iGeotec logoiGeotec is a spin-out company from the National Centre for Geocomputation (NCG) at the National University of Ireland Maynooth (NUIM), supported by StratAG a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) strategic funded research cluster. For more information, contact: Tim McCarthy, CEO – Email: tim.mccarthy@igeotec.com – Tel. : +353-86-8567441. Web: www.igeotec.com

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Compass logoCompass Informatics is an Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) consultancy specialising in environmental, planning, and spatial data applications. The company provides a suite of integrated web, scientific and spatial information technology services covering application areas including the sciences, natural resources, transportation, socio-economic analysis, planning, and education. Core market areas include local, central government and state agencies; engineering consultancies; natural and land resources companies; and earth observation and resource management agencies. Compass also operates the National Biodiversity Data Centre under contact to the Irish Heritage Council. The firm recently also began trading in the UK, servicing both government and business clients. For more information, visit www.compass.ie.