Heritage Maps launched

The Heritage Council launches Heritage Maps

The Heritage Council is delighted to formally launch “Heritage Maps”. Heritage Maps brings together heritage data from government departments, state agencies and local authorities to produce our wide range of data sets, many of which have never been shown publicly before!Heritage Maps has been developed to allow users to visualize an range of  heritage data in the context of other information such as landuse planning. It has been designed as  a tool for the personal investigation of heritage issues.

The “Heritage Maps” Project started in spring 2012; it is co-ordinated by the Heritage Council, working in partnership with the local authority heritage officers and builds on the work carried out for the National Biodiversity Data Centre. The project partners will expand to 25 Local Authorities in 2014. Linkages have been made to other projects within the Irish Spatial Data Infrastructure e.g. Myplan. Other initiatives are being developed with the Discovery Programme, the National Roads Authority and the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage.

It’s important to note that Heritage Maps is a work in progress. It will be updated at regular intervals so please send us your feedback through the online email form provided. We rely on you, the user to improve it.

Heritage Maps was developed for the Heritage Council by Compass Informatics. We are very grateful to the local authorities, and other state agencies and departments for allowing their data to be included.

– See more here on the Heritage Council website.