Trutz Haase

As a team, we would like to recognise the death of Trutz Haase and the great loss to the Haase family, to his friends, and to his colleagues in his work.  Quite a number of us have had the pleasure of Trutz’s expertise but also his great enthusiasm and his driving commitment to social justice.

At the launch of the Haase Pratschke Deprivation Index by Pobal in November 2017, some of us had the pleasure of a relaxed lunch with Trutz.  His openness and great strength in relation to his health was thought-provoking and ultimately positive.  He was conscious that the Deprivation Index that he worked on with Jonathan  Pratschke was a legacy – at least in relation to his work life.  The support of the HP Deprivation Index by Pobal and its wide use contributes to a socially-just development of our communities.  We raise a parting glass to a gentleman.