Geoscience Ireland and its tech & analytics outlier – Compass Informatics

Geoscience is a broad term which encompasses a broad array of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines and applications. The geoscience sector is an important one for the Irish economy, with Indecon recently valuing the sector as having an overall economic impact of more than €3 billion and employing 24,700 people in 2016.  Supporting and diversifying the Irish geoscience sector is the primary goal of Geoscience Ireland (GI), a business development cluster of more than 30 companies. The main mechanism by which GI pursues this goal is by promoting the export of geoscience-related services to mature and emerging markets overseas. (Engineers Journal)

Gearóid Ó Riain, managing director & co-founder, Compass Informatics

Different is good

Compass Informatics is an IT and analytics company within the Geoscience Ireland network.  While not a company that has geology, drilling or construction boots it contributes by offering differentiation via access to expert analytics and information systems.

But isn’t it all engineers and geoscientists?  Why would Compass Informatics – a location technologies and analytics company – be an active member of GI?  For a very good reason, as Compass has partnered effectively with such organisations for many years and has been a differentiator for those partners as they seek to win and deliver work.

Compass Informatics is a 21-year-old, founded in 1997, and is now a well-established and trusted company with a strong and repeat base of clients in Ireland, the UK, and South Africa; it has certainly come of age and is a company that is now setting out on a new phase of development that is focused very much on the development of a select number of key industry partnerships.

As the company seeks to build these partnerships to enable growth and international expansion, it sees that there are mutual benefits: many of the sectors that Compass has strengths in (environment and natural resources, planning, transportation) are those where the skills of engineering are of great importance; while the IT, spatial technologies, and analytics area are among sectors that Compass carries out to a high level of expertise, complementing internal teams that may already be in place.

Win new business in growth areas

CompassAnalytics: A platform that combines maps, data, infographics.

Compass allows a partner to differentiate itself and win new business in growth areas, and the partner allows Compass to have access to a broader set of services and to a presence in new markets.

Compass has also invested heavily over recent years in key software platforms that are now in use and yielding efficiency benefits for clients; and generating a digital data resource that in itself is

Platforms include Compass BIO that is used by UK water companies for management and compliance relating to sludges and biosolids management; Compass Analytics that manages and promotes property & asset information alongside demographics and infographics; Compass Roads Management that provides apps and web tools for rapid roads condition survey work, asset surveys, and work planning; GoParkit that is used by parking operators for pay-by-app, and live analytics; CitiWatch that provides real-time insights into people and vehicle movement via anonymised and aggregated mobile network data analysis.

Complemented by development and analysis services

The CitiAnalytics platform ( provides real-time people and vehicle movement insights.

These platforms are complemented by development and analysis services, consulting andadvice; and skilled seconded staff provision.

CitiAnalytics is delivered in partnership with Citi Logik, a UK company – illustrating a potential benefit of Brexit to Ireland: Compass Informatics, an Irish company, provides an EU-based partnership with an innovative and exciting UK company.

Compass also builds on leading technologies, be it Esri ArcGIS and open source in the GIS world; Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS in the cloud hosting arena; or Microsoft Power BI, Python and R in the data analytics area.

The GeoScience Ireland network is an effective meeting and collaboration point that allows Compass to identify opportunities for mutual benefit, to build key strategic partnerships, to bring platform solutions to an engaged market, to seek international growth – all of which aligns with the company’s strategy for the coming years.

GoParkit Provides a Platform for PayByApp,permitting, and real-time parking insights.

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