Early Reviews of Handheld Nautiz X1 Ultra-rugged Smartphone


Two weeks ago, Handheld introduced their Nautiz X1 ultra-rugged smartphone – and anticipation is building for its January 2013 release.  So far, the feedback has been great! Below are some of the reactions seen across the Web.

“What truly sets the Nautiz X1 apart from those hundreds of millions of consumer smartphones [is] its ruggedness and ability to survive out there in the field. … No consumer smartphone is nearly that tough.” — Rugged PC Review

“The one thing that should set the Nautiz X1 apart from other rugged smart phones is how small and light it is.” — Government Computer News

“A number of other smartphones by other vendors meet a fairly decent toughness criterion. But none of them meets the MIL-STD-810G military standards which Nautiz X1 does.” — Übergizm

Nautiz X1 Q&A

Nautiz X1
Nautiz X1

As they hear and respond to questions about our Nautiz X1 smartphone, due to be released in January, Handheld will be adding information to their website’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

The first questions and responses have been added already, and this section will be updated as your inquiries reach them.

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TCO – Why a rugged smartphone might cost less than an iPhone.

A product’s total cost of ownership , or TCO, is a revealing measure of your true technology investment. TCO takes into account many cost-influencing factors, such as purchase price, development, replacement, training costs and repair.

The upfront cost of a device often doesn’t tell its whole cost story. The VDC Research estimates that using a commercial or non-rugged device can cost about 65 percent more per year over five years than using a fully rugged device — and when multiple units are purchased, such as for a mobile workforce, the cost differences can really add up.

Check out this analysis of TCO for rugged devices here.