CORINE landcover data released by EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently completed and released CORINE 2012 data, this is an update in the CORINE data series. Compass Informatics are delighted that members of their technical team, based with the EPA, were integral to the creation of this dataset.  Congratulations also to the EPA on providing additional high quality data on the environment, and in releasing such data to a wide range of users.

CORINE stands for Co-ORdinated INformation on the Environment and is a Pan European Land Use & Land Cover Dataset. It is produced by the EPA for the European Environment Agency and has now been produced in 1990, 2000, 2006 & 2012. In this iteration, CORINE 2012, a new more automated production method was developed to reduce the data development time and to improve the final output data. The geometry accuracy of the dataset has been significantly improved through this methodology which should allow for better environmental assessment.

In this latest release of CORINE the following 3 datasets have been produced:

• CLC 2012: This is a national landuse landcover dataset for 2012 produced at a 25 hectare resolution.
• CLCC 2006-2012: This is a national landuse landcover change dataset produced at a 5 hectare resolution and identifies change between 2006 & 2012.
• Revised CLC 2006: This is a revised national landuse landcover dataset for 2006 produced at a 25 hectare resolution. It is revised based on the changes to the production methodology and allowed for the accurate production of CLC 2012 & CLCC 2006-2012 data.

This data is now freely available for download on the EPA’s public GeoPortal Data Download and can be viewed on EPA Maps. A  full technical report on the CORINE 2012 project, the new methodology and the data results is available on the GeoPortal.

We are already using this data in our spatial analysis projects, meaning that CORINE will play its part in public planning and decision making.

Contact us to discuss analysis of spatial patterns using landcover and other data – Gearóid Ó Riain,