Compass15: Focus on…GoParkit and location-smart parking

Transforming parking – a pocket full of quarters, or a dashboard full of data? Building the GoParkit platform. Connor Cantwell, GoParkit Technologies

GoParkit comes to Compass15 to tell a story of a huge parking industry that is fighting its way from inconvenience for drivers and planning guesswork, to a driver friendly offering and operations informed by data.

It’s a big industry: The parking industry in the US alone is worth $42bn and globally 11%+ growth per annum to 2019 is projected. It is an industry in rapid change, one in need of change, and one where location-smart technology can play a role.

GoParkit puts location technology central to the parking payment process and the management tools. It is not just smart parking – it is location-smart parking, and is a great illustration of the value of location in enabling efficient consumer transactions, and in enabling intelligent management of our city and college environments.  GoParkit is not just an app, it is a platform with many elements.

The GoParkit approach uses GPS positioning of a user’s phone when paying for parking to find parking rates & rules – which provides convenience for the driver – but importantly creates a location-rich data stream which opens up many other analytics and management opportunities.

Driver apps provide cashless, codeless, convenience.  Buy from your car seat as your position provides the info needed.

Parking provider portals provide live views of parking, thereby guiding management and enforcement effort; providing analysis of parking availability; allowing pricing modelling; and feeding into better parking, traffic and urban design; and realtime geofenced information services to the driver on the street.

GoParkit has a background in the GIS industry and is now live in selected US and Irish cities. Connor will tell its story and where the GoParkit parking platform goes from here.

Connor Cantwell, Director of GoParkit Technologies has an esteemed background in the analytics industry – from leading management positions with Nielsen, to founding 20-20 Insights, and now on to GoParkit.